Britta Tyrrell



Attributes Modifier
Strength 13 +1
Dexterity 16 +2
Constitution 18 +3
Intelligence 13 +1
Wisdom 14 +1
Charisma 16 +2
Hit Points 17/17 Hardiness 11 Influence 3
Armour Class 1 Evasion 12 Dominion 1 3
Effort 4/4 Spirit 12 Wealth 0


  • A viper afraid of who she is.
  • Black sheep of the Tyrrell dynasty.
  • Always has a way out.
  • Almost reluctant semi-hero



  • Effort of the Word: your maximum effort increases by one point. This gift can be taken once for each Word you’ve bonded ,but each purchase after the first costs two gift points instead of one.


Raises Dexterity to 16 – or to 18 if it’s already 16 or higher.

  • Walk Between Rain: Your natural AC is 3. You cannot be hit by anything not driven by a purpose unless you allow it; falling objects will never strike you unless some will to harm you set it in motion. Traps meant to hit an intruder have a chance to hit you. Armour and shields don’t benefit you.


Raises Dexterity or Charisma to 16 – or 18 if the attribute is already 16 or higher.

  • Deceiver’s Unblinking Eye: You can always tell when someone’s trying to lie to you, or deceive you. You can see through mortal illusions and all disguises. This gift does not function on other Godbound with the Deception Word.
  • Liar’s Flawless Grace: Your lies can never be detected as such by magic or other special abilities, including those of the Deception Word. Lesser foes will always believe them unless they are completely implausible, emotionally intolerable, or would oblige them to self-harm.


Raises Strength or Constitution to 16 – or 18 if the attribute is already 16 or higher.

  • Builder of Mountain Peaks: each round, create, modify, or destroy a stone or earth structure of up to 20 × 20 × 20 foot size within your normal line of sight. The structure can be elaborate, to the limit of your own creative skills. See page 27 for rules on trapping victims in walls or zones. You can create normal earth or stone as part of this process. Creatures made entirely of earth or stone within the area may be completely controlled, with worthy foes allowed a Spirit save to resist.
  • Fury of the Avalanche: the earth trembles and casts forth shards of stone. Commit Effort to wield these eruptions as a 1d10 magical weapon for as long as Effort remains committed. While the gift lasts, your Fray die may be applied to every lesser foe standing on earth or stone within sight.


Lesser Strife of Scorned Lover

  • Initiate: Te initiate treats their skill as a helpful Fact for seduction and charm. The adept’s unarmed attacks are treated as weapons that do 1d6 damage. If striking at a completely unwary opponent, the first round’s attacks always hit and do maximum damage.
  • Disciple: The first time a foe hits them in a scene, the disciple gets an automatic counterattack action with their weapon or unarmed attack. Practitioners with multiple attacks for each action get their full attack sequence. A Mob versed in this strife may trigger this power once per round, as they are made of multiple individuals.
  • Master: The master’s unarmed attacks are treated as magical weapons that do 1d8 damage. They do not appear to be attacks to anyone except the target, who realizes what is really happening.


Great Works

  • 1 Dominion on a Deception of Identity: People are incapable of realising our transformed and untransformed states are the same person. Unless we draw obvious attention to that fact.
  • 2 Dominion on a Sentry against Deception: the Dorms are warded by a passive sentry that alerts Britta whenever someone/something that is hiding its identity or true nature approaches the grounds / gets inside.

Britta Tyrrell

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