Griselda White


Level 3

Strength 10 +0 10
Dexterity 8 -1 12
Constitution 13 +1 7
Wisdom 14 +1 6
Intelligence 13 +1 7
Charisma 18 +3 2

Hardiness 13
Evasion 13
Spirit 11

Hit Points: 19
Effort: 4

Armor: Light, AC 8 (When Transformed)
Weapon: Spear, 1d8 Damage, STR (When Transformed)
Attack Bonus: +3

Fray Die: 1d8


Comes from a poor family, knows how to scrimp and save
Always encouraging others
My family means more to me than anything
I’m known to all the cliques
Official Teacher’s Pet?


  • Heroes gifted in the Luck Word may roll 1d20 once a day. At any time during that day, they may replace their own or someone else’s 1d20 roll with the one in reserve. They can only replace a roll once per day.
  • Salting Away The Luck (Instant) Commit Effort after the hero rolls a die while doing something consequential. The die is rerolled, but the initial result is saved. When the Effort is reclaimed the result can be given to anyone else in the hero’s
    presence, provided a die with the same number of sides is being rolled. Unwilling worthy foes can make a Spirit save to resist the donation. This gift can preserve only one roll at a time
  • By Chance (Action) Commit Effort for the scene. The player dictates an event in their
    presence that isn’t utterly improbable, and it happens. Damage to foes
    is limited to a 1d12 die for a focused calamity on a single target or
    a 1d6 damage die apiece for troubles that affect a group. This power
    affects only physical objects and events, and not minds or emotions.


  • Fashioning a Friend (Action) Commit Effort for the scene to beguile a visible creature, inspiring it to feelings of friendship and cooperativeness towards you. It will not question these feelings, however irrational, and they will persist until you obviously betray it or do it blatant harm. Lesser foes have
    no resistance against this power, while worthy foes can save versus Spirit to avoid the enchantment.
  • Follow The Threads (Action) You may study a target for one action to identify the half-dozen people most emotionally significant to them, learning their appearance, the name the target knows them as, and a few words of description of the bond between them. Lesser foes cannot resist this, while worthy foes can save versus Spirit to maintain their secrets.


  • Heroes with the Death Word may command undead in their presence as an action, ordering up to one Mob of any size. Greater undead get a Spirit saving throw to resist, and cannot be commanded to self-destruct.
  • As an On Turn action, they also know the details of what, where, and how anything died or is dying within 100 feet of them.
  • A Pale Crown Beckons (Action) Commit Effort for the scene. You can call up undead, summoning parts instantly from the nearest source if necessary. A single greater undead of hit dice no more than twice your level is called, or one Small Mob of 1 HD lesser undead is created for each three levels you have, rounded up. A corpse made into a greater undead must not have received funeral rites or been dead more than a month. The undead are loyal, but dissolve when you use this gift again. Summoned entities or Mobs can be preserved indefinitely for 1 Dominion point each.
  • Scythe Hand (On Turn) Commit Effort. There is death in your gaze or your blade, which you may use as a magic weapon. It has a 1d10 damage die and a 200 foot range. This attack always does at least 1 point of damage against living creatures or undead, even if the hit roll misses.
  • Mantle of Quietus (Instant) Commit Effort for the scene. To assail you brings death. Any lesser foe that tries to physically harm you suffers 1 point of damage before their attack is resolved, with Mobs taking a 1d20 normal die. Foes with multiple attacks per round suffer the damage only once per round.

Griselda White

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