Mary Tanaka

Skittish and Cynical, but wants to be better deep down

Attributes Modifier Check
Strength 13 +1 8
Dexterity 18 +3 3
Constitution 16 +2 5
Intelligence 18 +3 3
Wisdom 14 +1 7
Charisma 10 +0 11
Hit Points 15/15 Hardiness 12 Influence 2
Armour Class 0 Evasion 11 Dominion 2
Effort 3/3 Spirit 13 Wealth 0


  • Bullying left her shy and afraid of standing out.
  • She’s basically someone bursting with natural talent.
  • Her presence comforts things of the wind and sky.
  • She has a knack for being overlooked.



Excellence of the Word: Raises dexterity to 18. When used, Mary’s movements alternate between graceful swirls of wind and razor-tight erratic turns and shockingly direct movements that crackle with electricity


Raises Intelligence or Wisdom to 16 – or 18 if the attribute is already 16 or higher.

The Best Course: Commit Effort for the scene. Gain one sentence of truthful information from the GM on the best way to accomplish your current desire or goal. New information cannot be gained with this gift until the existing information is acted upon or the goal is abandoned.

Excision of Understanding: As an action, erase a visible target’s knowledge of a language, an intellectual skill, or a particular topic or event. This can’t erase spellcasting abilities or other powers, but lasts until the skill is relearned or the Godbound relents. Worthy foes can save versus Spirit to resist.


Removes the need to eat, sleep, drink, or breathe, and raises Constitution to 16 – or 18 if the attribute is already 16 or higher.

Body of Iron Will: Your natural armor class is 3. You are impervious to any natural environmental damage, such as that caused by extreme heat, cold, pressure, radiation, or vacuum. Such forces used as a weapon or hazard against you function normally. Armor or shields don’t benefit this base AC.

  • Elemental Scorn (Heat): You have an invincible defense against heat in all its forms. As an On Turn action, you can Commit Effort to extend this defense to every ally within a hundred yards. You may take this gift more than once to gain immunity to other elements; a single Commitment can extend all your defenses.


Grants immunity to harm by falling, removes the need to breathe, and grants an invincible defense against electricity, cold and injurious sounds.

Windsinger: Commit Effort. Control weather within a mile, from still air to rainstorms strong enough to knock down fragile structures and make mundane archery impossible, Weather changes occur instantly on use of this gift and last as long as Effort remains committed. When released, the weather rapidly returns to its normal condition.

Stormsword: Commit Effort. Wield electricity as a ranged weapon out to 200 feet, or sheath your weapon in lightning. Damage done is a minimum of 1d10 and counts as a magical weapon. Attacks against wet or metal-armored foes always do at least 1 point of damage, even on a miss.

The Clouds Below: Commit Effort. Fill the air around you with mist, up a 300 foot radius. You and your allies can see through it, but others with normal senses can see no further than five feet around them. The clouds can douse any mundane fire and allow every ally within it to ignore the first 5 points of fire damage they take each round.


Mary Tanaka

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