Akemi Tanaka (aka Akady, Aka Nema)


Strength 13
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Wisdom 13
Intelligence 16
Charisma 10

Hardiness 12
Evasion 12
Spirit 13

AC 2
Effort 3
Influence: 3
Hit Points: 14

Hikikomori Tech genius
Deeply loyal to those she cares about
Fact 3
Fact 4


  • Heroes with the Artifice Word can create any non-magical object anormal man can carry as a round’s action, using whatever materials are to hand. While the ensuing creation may look odd, , it functions and lasts as well as a normal objectof its type and usual substance. The hero’s crafting efforts for a day count as 100 laborers per character level when an estimate is needed
  • Command the Wheels(Action) Commit Effort. You can seize control of any visible vehicle, mechanism,
    door, or other object with moving parts up to the size of a small ship.
    If the item was created by you, there is no size limit on what can
    be controlled. While the Effort remains committed, the object will
    function exactly as if it were being manipulated, driven or piloted by
    you. Each new directive requires an action, and worthy foes can save
    versus Spirit to negate the gift for items they’re using.
  • TransmuterAction) Commit Effort for the scene and turn one 10 × 10 × 10 foot cube of
    material per hero level from one physical substance into another. Items
    being used or held by a creature cannot be changed. If the effect is
    used to somehow harm targets, they take a 1d6 damage die for every
    two character levels of the hero, rounded up. If the substance being
    created is rare or precious, Effort must be committed for the day.
    Extremely rare and magical substances cannot be created this way,
    though mountains of gold can be fabricated. See the Wealth Word
    for limits on the use of this newfound treasure, as it is all too easy to
    inflate a region’s mundane economy into chaos.
  • Reverence of Steel (Constant)Any clothing or armor you make for yourself gives you an AC of 3
    with no saving throw penalties. When you make a suit specifically
    for another, any saving throw penalties are one class lighter; none for
    medium armor, and only one saving throw penalized for heavy armor.
    As an Instant action, Commit Effort for the scene to negate one hit
    you receive from a manufactured or crafted weapon.
  • Mark the Maker(action)

With an action’s careful inspection, you understand the purpose and
operation of any crafted object, magical or mundane. You also gain
a brief vision of each person who substantially helped in its creation,
and a short description of what they contributed to it.

  • Ten Thousand Tools(Constant)

Your natural gifts of creation are augmented. Instead of requiring a full
round to create a portable mundane object, you may do so as an On
Turn action, as part of whatever action you take. This object may be
a permanent creation or allowed to disappear afterwards at your discretion.
Your daily labor on projects is worth 1,000 laborers per level.
This gift is of no use to a Godbound who has not bound this Word.


  • Heroes with the Fertility Word have perfect control over their reproduction
    and may set their Constitution score to 16, or 18 if it’s already
    16 or higher. They have an invincible defense against wooden weapons
    or objects, vegetal monsters, and plant-based toxins.


  • Perfection of Understanding (Constant) You are a remarkably swift student of magic. You can learn any low
    magic path within a month, taking one week per level of initiation
    of your teacher, without requiring a Fact committed to it. You can
    learn theurgy spells at a vastly accelerated rate as well; one day for an
    invocation of any degree. You automatically understand any low magic
    or theurgy used against you or in your presence, knowing its function,
    limits, and degree of power. You can also recognize the author of a
    magical working if you’ve seen other examples of their work

*Adept of the Gate (Constant) You have been initiated into the Gate, the humblest level of theurgy,
albeit still one beyond all but the mightiest mortal wizards. You may
choose four invocations of the Gate to master as part of this learning
and may learn more as you find them.

Invocations of the Gate
Bright God’s Canticle
Kiss of the Crane
Seal of Regnal Dominion

Low magic

The Empty Way


Akemi Tanaka (aka Akady, Aka Nema)

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